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Why Your Support Makes a Difference

It takes your support to empower thousands of veterans every year. Your gift to Veterans Empowerment Organization is a gift to those who have served our country— today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

VEO Veterans

Help to House Veterans

When you give to Veterans Empowerment Organization, one of the leading Veteran organizations, you’re giving hundreds of Veterans a year access to transitional housing, rental housing, and housing ownership. 

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See the Return on Your Investment

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Join Our VEO Hero Family of Donors

If you’re already supporting tons of veteran non-profit organizations, you’re not alone. But we value all donations — big and small because we’re a family. Most of all, we understand that when you make the concise decision to donate to VEO, you value the strength and sacrifices of those that have served our country.

ATL Hawks and Rooms to Go Veteran Move-In
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