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Jennifer Lemen

Corporate & Foundations Grants Manager

Jennifer (Jen) Lemen has carved out a distinguished career animated by her commitment to service and community support. A St. Louis, Missouri native, Jen's formative years and professional ascendancy unfolded within the vibrant heart of the city she calls home. With over two and a half decades of rich expertise garnered in the corporate realm, her academic achievements from Lindenwood University — a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a management specialization — laid a solid foundation for her storied career trajectory.

Jen's dynamic professional tenure spans a mosaic of vital sectors including Information Technology, Sales, and Finance, reflecting her adaptability and business acumen. It was in 2019 that Jen heeded the call of her true vocation — uplifting and assisting people. Shifting gears, she pivoted away from the corporate sector to wholeheartedly engage in the endeavor of philanthropy.

In pursuit of this newfound dedication, Jen relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2022. There, her endeavor within the non-profit sector flourished, as she nurtured robust local connections and furthered her impact on communities. In a testament to her dedication and leadership prowess, Jen joined the Veterans Empowerment Organization, assuming the pivotal role as Director of Development. Here, she leverages her keen aptitude for relationship building, strategic collaboration, and organizational enhancement.

Rooted in a profound respect for those who have bravely served, Jen devotes herself to the mission of empowering Veterans. Her strategic vision and unwavering commitment fuel her efforts to enshrine a brighter future for our nation's heroes — a future they so deserve. Jen Lemen is not just an advocate; she's a beacon of hope in the valiant quest to elevate the lives of Veterans across the board.

VEO is committed to Veterans first. Whether we can help someone asking for it or find the right service organization and refer them, we strive to always give a ‘yes’ and to partner with as many organizations as we can. It is not about us, but always about Veterans, and however we can assist, we will do it.

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