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Alicia Higginbotham joined Veterans Empowerment Organization in the fall of 2022 as Corporate and Foundation Grants Manager. She has worked in fundraising for the nonprofit sector since 2010 when she started at The Carter Center in Atlanta. After seven years with their restricted grants office, Higginbotham worked in Denver for several years building community and corporate partnerships for arts and education nonprofits, including the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and the Colorado School of Mines.

A Georgia native, Higginbotham is a proud DeKalb County High School graduate, who received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Georgia in Athens and her Master of Arts Degree from the University of Colorado – Boulder. Higginbotham’s father is a United States Air Force veteran who served in the Vietnam War. She joined Veterans Empowerment Organization to elevate the message that our veterans deserve the highest respect and quality of care, and she works for a future when homelessness will be rare and nonrecurring.

Alicia Higginbotham

Corporate & Foundations Grants Manager

VEO is committed to veterans first. Whether we can help someone asking for it or find the right service organization and refer them, we strive to always give a ‘yes’ and to partner with as many organizations as we can. It is not about us, but always about veterans, and however we can assist, we will do it.

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