The Basics

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Daily Essentials Needed...

"Bootcamp Basics" Fundraisers helps us stock up on the ordinary supplies needed for the daily needs of our veteran residents. (Bedding, Toiletries and other Essentials) You can help our veterans feel like they are home by helping supplying these essentials.

Clothing Donations & Bootcamp Basic Supplies
Can Be Dropped Off  @
373 West Lake Avenue NW | Atlanta, Georgia 30318

For larger donations - Call Us @ 404-889-8710 and we'll pick them up.

For More Info On How To Donate These Life-Saving Supplies And Ideas On Hosting Your Next "Bootcamp Basics" Fundraiser - email:

VEO Campus Clothing Closet 

Our Campus Clothing Closet provides new & gently-used clothing to our residents entering our program. Most of our new residents only arrive with the clothes on their back, so it is so important to keep our facility stocked with casual & business clothing.

Bootcamp Basics ~ Supply List: Help Us Stock Up On The Essentials For Daily Living

Personal Hygiene
    * Toothpaste
    * Toothbrushes
    * Bar soap
    * Shampoo
    * Deodorant
    * Razors
    * Shaving cream
    * Hand lotion
    * Men's Shoes
    * Dress Shirts / Ties
    * Coats / Scarves
    * Suits / Sweaters
    * Pants / Jeans
    * Casual Wear
    * T-Shirts
    * Underwear / Socks
Linens & Bedding
    * Pillows
    * Pillow Cases
    * Sheets
    * Blankets
    * Washcloths
    * Bath towels
Food Pantry Items
    *Canned Goods
    * Boxed Snacks
    * Nutrition Bars
    * Dry Goods
    * Bottled Water
    * Sports Drinks
    * Tables
    * Chairs
    * Couches
    * Dressers
    * Desks
Other Supplies
    * Marta Cards
    * Pre-Paid Phone Cards
    * Pre-Paid Cell Phones
    * Gift Cards
    * Personal Electronics