Our 360° Service Model Provides A Lasting Change For Homeless Veterans & Their Families in Georgia.

From Basic Physical and Mental Healthcare, to Exceptional Life Skills Training, we make sure that we cover all areas of rehabilitation and reintegration for our veterans. By providing such a wide array of tools to our residents, we are ensuring that these programs provide a lasting change.

Our Housing First Model provides a caring supportive environment that allows our veterans to rebuild their lives by returning the dignity of self-sufficiency lost to the circumstances that left them homeless. We work in conjunction with many partner agencies to provide a Wrap-Around-Case Management Program that gives our veterans a comprehensive support environment where they can heal, grow and flourish.

Veteran Case Management
A Full Regimen Can Make A Lasting Change

Every VEO resident is assigned to a case manager which provides immediate assessment to identify needs and make proper referrals. We believe that a full regimen can make a lasting change.

Our wrap-around case management strategy involves “wrapping” a comprehensive array of individualized services and support networks “around” our veterans, rather than forcing them to enroll in pre-determined, inflexible treatment programs.

Assessment-Case Management
VEO develops a personal service plan, including referrals, coordination and advocacy to appropriate agencies to address these needs.

Life Skills Training
Basic home management, budget counseling and self-care skills.

Counseling & Referral
VEO offers substance abuse treatment and counseling, medical treatment and medication monitoring, and referral to mental health treatment and counseling. Follow up continues for six months after discharge.
VEO Followup
Our staff meets with clients at least once a week to ensure that they are continuing to work towards self sufficiency. This is a cost effective model because it is self-supported by the clients. Just a little money up front enables the agency to offer an immediate and affordable housing option to those who receive a fixed income such as SSI or SSDI. The ultimate goal is to continue to move our clients forward and get them into home ownership.

Immediate & Permanent Housing Assistance,
Personal Rooms & Private Showers

Our Daily Nourishment Program provides our veterans with 3 Hot Meals daily in our campus

Job Training & Placement Initiative that gets our veterans prepared to enter the workplace