Our Housing First Program gives veterans immediate housing and access to supportive services, which prevents further damage for homeless veterans who are seeking help.

Our "Housing First" Program provides the necessary supportive services (shelter, food, and clothing as well as access to a veteran's VA medical benefits by tracking and transporting them to the hospital for their appointments) that are critical to stabilization of all veterans, but particularly those with PTSD & (TBI).

Having substance issues will not disqualify veterans to enter or stay into our program. Veterans with substance abuse problems requiring detox are referred out to Grady Hospital.

Those not requiring detox have the option to participate at VEO's on–site substance abuse treatment counseling and recovery classes. Those who prefer to go elsewhere are referred to our partner agencies or a place of their choice, which provides out-patient substance abuse and addiction treatment.

After completing the necessary steps to becoming self-sufficient, our "once homeless" veterans graduate into our our permanent housing program or to other programs throughout the city that provide a safe and stable permanent housing model.

For those who receive a fixed income such as VA benefits, SSI or SSDI, we offer an immediate and affordable permanent housing option.

Our Permanent Housing Program allows our residents who are still working on issues that prevent them from rent their own housing, to sublease a 2 bedroom apartment at the VEO Campus.

These residents pay a flat fee that includes rent and utilities and they share the apartment with one other person. The ultimate goal is to continue to move our clients forward and get them into home-ownership.

There shouldn't be any questions of pre-existing conditions in order to receive a service that every homeless veteran deserves. And at VEO, our only requirements are that you be homeless and a veteran - that's it.

Since 2008, VEO has served thousands of homeless Veterans and their families. Presently we are serving 75 unit-beds in our "Housing-First Model" with wrap-around services at no cost to the veterans who have no source of income upon entry.

We accept homeless veterans from the streets of Atlanta into our "Housing-First Program", where veterans are provided with safe, accessible, housing. 

The only requirements are that they be a homeless Veteran and have their DD214. (The DD214 is discharge documentation from the military, which we help the veterans get a copy of.)

Once our veterans have been accepted into our program, we begin with a full-day of orientation on the support services we provide, each veteran a case manager to assist them with the process of obtaining benefits or other services.

We have had many successful graduates complete our program and moved on to be productive members of the community. We are so proud of their hard work and dedication to become self-sufficient.