Workforce Development

After addressing any barriers towards stabilization, veterans are directed towards job training and placement through the Workforce Development and Social Enterprise Program. Started in 2014, this innovative program has provided housing, case management, job readiness, stipends, peer-to-peer mentoring and on the job training and certification in a variety of in-demand employment sectors to 1,086 veterans, placed 438 veterans in full time positions, and partnered with over 50 like-minded organizations, agencies, and companies in the fight to decrease veteran homelessness.

In 2017, VEO provided the Workforce Development and Social Enterprise Program to 382 veterans, with 134 participating in on the job training and earning employment certifications and 157 placed in jobs. The veterans were placed in jobs with starting average wages $12.50 an hour.

This innovative program utilizes supportive housing, transportation, stipends, Case Manager supervision, peer-to-peer mentoring, and provided on the job training in landscape design, construction, unarmed security, CDL, hospitality, culinary arts, information technology, and retail warehouse management.

A partnership with Goodwill of North Georgia and The Atlanta Women's Foundation is providing job training for female veterans in non-traditional jobs. In 2018, VEO will train over 425 veterans through the expansion of the housing program and including unemployed and/or underemployed veterans in the community who are not enrolled in VEO's housing program.

Military occupations and training are not always transferable to the civilian workforce, placing some veterans at a disadvantage when competing for employment. Inability to find and maintain sufficiency-level employment is a leading cause of homelessness, especially among younger veterans.

We help our clients with enrollment in community based programs, life skills training, basic home management, budget counseling and self-care skills. We encourage our residents to better themselves through obtaining a higher education or career training certification.

We participate and host several veteran career fairs throughout the year to help provide our veterans access to community programs and companies that will assist them in acquiring meaningful work in Metro-Atlanta.