Hero-Stories II

Tyler Bowser is a United States Air Force Veteran and served honorably from 1996 to 2000. While in the Air Force, Tyler worked as a Satellite and Wideband communications journeyman. In his short 4 year career Tyler was able to accomplish all of his goals including an incentive flight in the back seat of an F-15. He deployed to South West Asia in support of Operation Southern Watch. After leaving the Air Force he found it extremely difficult to acclimate to the civilian world. The team of leaders and managers that wanted to see him succeed inside of the Air Force was not present in corporate America.


Over the next decade and a half a series of life challenges led to self-destructive behavior. He was fueling mental health illnesses with a steady supply of alcohol and found himself unemployed and living in his car.

On July 5th 2016, Tyler Bowser’s car was repossessed and he had nowhere to go. He eventually made his way to Ft. McPherson and was placed in an emergency bed in a shelter downtown. He knew that this environment was not going to be conducive to his success so asked to be transferred to a Veterans facility - so he finally landed at Veterans Empowerment Organization.

Tyler made a decision that it was time to try a new way of life. On July 10th of 2016 he had his last drink and enrolled into an outpatient program for substance abuse at Ft. McPherson. He felt his life begin to change. Tyler was a part of the recovery program and continues to stay sober.

"I felt at peace while staying at VEO. The campus was beautiful, inviting and calm. I had a safe and comfortable place to sleep at night and 3 meals a day."

In October of 2016 Tyler joined VEO'S Development Team as an apprentice. Using his past experience in Business Development he took part in over 30 engagements sharing his story and the story of VEO.

Today Tyler is thriving as the Veteran Community Ambassador for VEO. He lives off campus in permanent housing. He was able to save money to purchase a used car and rides his scooter as often as possible.

"I am thankful for the encouragement and support that I received from the entire VEO staff. I am excited to come to work everyday to support and help spread the worthy mission and paying it forward to the next homeless veteran that just needs a helping hand up."