Homeless Veteran Finds Coping Skills with VEO On-Site Mental Health Services & Programs.

Allen W. is a VEO Hero and Navy Veteran who moved to campus after being homeless for four years. Through VEO’s onsite mental health counseling, he has learned new coping skills to help him navigate his daily life and work. We caught up with the 54-year old to hear about his journey from homeless to safe housing and what he most looks forward to.

5 Questions for VEO Hero and Navy Veteran, Allen W.

Q. What makes VEO mental health services effective? 

The mental health counselor is on campus which makes it easy for me to stop by and set up an appointment with Solomon. He has an open-door policy. This access is important. Otherwise, I would have to leave campus to see a counselor downtown. He has valid suggestions such as teaching me to create boundaries. This has helped me a great deal.

Q. Tell us about your service in the military?

At 18 years old, I joined the Navy as an Interior Communications specialist in San Diego. From there I want to a vocational school to learn basic electronics.

Q. How did you find Veteran’s Empowerment Organization (VEO)? 

I spent nine years in the federal prison system. From there I lived in a federal half-way house and even under a tree. One morning, VEO came along and told me about a warm bed and hot meals. I have been here ever since 2017.

Q. What do you most look forward to?

I would like to work in an office in the VEO new building. It will have a set of high-tech classrooms and a new dining hall. This would not be possible without the vision of Frantz Fortune. He had the vision to bring VEO to life. He continues to build this organization. That’s wonderful!

Q. How would you describe VEO to those who have never heard of the organization? 

This is “home” and first stable one I have ever known. I was born in Missouri but I moved back and forth to Colorado after my parents divorced.