Veterans Empowerment Organization Of Georgia

Our Mission
To enhance the quality of life for homeless
veterans on their road to self-sufficiency.

Did You Know? Over 3,000 Veterans Sleep On The Streets Of Georgia Every Night.
Through VEO's programs, families are reunited,
mental health issues are identified and treated,

stable housing is secured, living wage employment
is secured, income is increased, and veteran's benefit
are accessed. Explore Our Programs >

Help Us End Veteran Homelessness In Georgia
We believe that lasting change can only happen when we work together to invest in our veterans.

Over the last 10 years, VEO has gained national and statewide recognition for providing Housing
Supportive Services, Job Training and Placement to over 4,500 veterans and their families.
We are committed to providing living-saving programs that allow veterans to thrive.

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