"To Enhance The Quality Of Life For All Veterans On Their Road To Self-Sufficiency."

VEO is the true triage for homeless veterans on their journey from the streets to an empowered life.

VEO serves veterans that have offered their lives to protect the freedom we all enjoy as U.S. Citizens. Upon coming home from the battlefields, our veterans have faced tremendous challenges finding affordable housing and sustainable employment to support themselves and their families.

VEO makes the mission of becoming self-sufficient possible for Veterans & Their Families.

Our Self-Sufficiency Model focuses on taking "Invisible Veterans" off the streets of our cities and placing them into a safety net of support that provides immediate and long-term housing, treatment and recovery for addiction, healthy meals, basic necessities, and clothing, as well as medical care, mental health counseling, life-skills training and workforce development support.

We honor those who serve in the military. When they have completed their service and made their often-painful sacrifices in defense of our freedoms and way of life, we believe it is our moral duty to continue to honor them for their service.

Our Long-Term Goals are to be nationally recognized as one of the leaders in the fight against homelessness among veterans, be part of the national effort by first - ending chronic homeless in Georgia, and continue to be one of the most successful organizations in the country serving homeless veterans.

Our Vision is to end veteran homelessness and return the dignity of self sufficiency to every veteran we serve.

"Government money, while important, is limited, and available services are often at capacity. It is critical, therefore, that community groups reach out to help provide the support, resources and opportunities that most Americans take for granted: housing, employment and health care. Veterans who participate in collaborative programs are afforded more services and have higher chances of becoming tax-paying, productive citizens again."

 --The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV)

Since 2008, Veterans Empowerment Organization (VEO) has provided Housing, Supportive Services, Job Training and Placement to over 4,000 veterans and their families.  

There shouldn't be any questions of pre-existing conditions in order to receive services that every homeless veteran deserves. 

At VEO, our only requirements are that you be a veteran in need of support - and that's it.

Being Homeless 
Being homeless means having no place to save the things that connect you to your past, losing all contact with friends and family, and uprooting your children from school. 

It means suffering the frustration and degradation of living hand to mouth, depending on the generosity of strangers or efficiency of a government agency for your survival, and for your family’s survival.

In addition to the complex set of factors influencing all homelessness – extreme shortage of affordable housing, livable income and access to health care – a large number of displaced and at-risk veterans live with the lingering effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) , TBI, and substance abuse, which are compounded by a lack of family and social support networks.

VEO HERO Stories
We have had many successful graduates complete our program and moved on to be productive members of the community. We are so proud of their hard work and dedication to become self-sufficient.