Workforce Development

"Hire A Hero"
VEO Workforce Development
Getting Veterans Job-Ready

Hiring Veterans Empowers Them
VEO understands the importance of our veterans finding and sustaining willful employment. We are currently participating in a robust city-wide plan focused on Veteran Workforce Development - Dare To Forget The Box, a program spearheaded by United Way of Greater Atlanta, who continues to support VEO with providing housing to our veterans.

Social Enterprise Bootcamp
Our Social Enterprise Bootcamp is a 2 month intensive program that helps our veterans become job ready, and graduates them into career training and enrollment in higher education courses.

This training model helps us to season our veterans so that they are fully capable to become exceptional employees for our Corporate Sponsors & Collaborative Partners that hire them after graduation.

Veteran Education
Military occupations and training are not always transferable to the civilian workforce, placing some veterans at a disadvantage when competing for employment. Inability to find and maintain sufficiency-level employment is a leading cause of homelessness, especially among younger veterans.

We help our clients with enrollment in community based programs, life skills training, basic home management, budget counseling and self-care skills. We encourage our residents to better themselves through obtaining a higher education or career training certification.

Veteran Job Fairs
We participate and host several veteran career fairs throughout the year to help provide our veterans access to community programs and companies that will assist them in acquiring meaningful work in Metro-Atlanta.

Our Current Social Enterprise Initiatives

VEO Thrift ~ Atlanta

VEO Thrift in Atlanta was established to provide a way for you to support local veterans in need - through your purchases. 100% of all store proceeds directly assist in Housing, Food, Social Services and Employment for Homeless and Disabled Veterans.

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